The Foundation of the Center for Law and Justice “Tatoyan” published a message concerning the recent events in Artsakh.

In particular, the message states:

“On April 4, on the 114th day of blocking the road of life in Artsakh, Azerbaijani government agents terrorized 27 citizens going from Goris to Stepanakert and prevented their movement. Azerbaijani “eco-activists” broke into cars, terrorized and threatened people. In order to give the possibility to enter Artsakh, the Azerbaijani “eco-activists” illegally set preconditions: “to accept Azerbaijani citizenship” and to control all people. 

What happened proves once again that the “eco-activists” who blocked the way of life in Artsakh have nothing to do with the protection of the environment or nature. These “eco-activists” are acting at the instigation of the Azerbaijani authorities and under their auspices, pursuing political goals. The “eco-activists” who have blocked the way of life in Artsakh are full of hatred towards Armenians, and are busy preaching the hostility of the Azerbaijani authorities.

What happened proves once again that the agents of the Baku government, the “eco-activists”, create the most serious problems in Artsakh and try to mislead the international community with false humanitarian measures in this context.

All the facts about the real intentions of the “eco-activists” who have blocked the life path connecting Artsakh to the Syunik region and the outside world and the direct link with the Azerbaijani authorities have been presented by the “Tatoyan” Center for Law and Justice and the Artsakh Human Rights Defender in a 300-page report, which has been sent to the international structures. This statement will also be sent to international organizations.”