The Holy Armenian Calendar is called a stationary calendar, where all holidays are related to the movement of the Sun, and it is precisely for this reason that we reject all those fictitious holidays, which are related to the calculation of the full moon, which some people celebrate today and more, they try to present it as Armenian.

For example, Armenian Easter is the spring equinox, the Sunday of the month of Areg, and can not be a moving holiday.

And this is how all our vacations are. If there is a month and a day, what is the meaning of a moving vacation?

That is why, according to the Armenian Holy Book, Anahit Ditzamayr and the Feast of Motherhood are celebrated on Anahit day of the solar month, which corresponds to April 8?

According to the tradition that has been handed down to us, when the Sun is under the constellation of Aries and ends the 18th degree of its cycle and enters the 19th degree, our wise ancestors considered the rays of the Sun on this day as the best radiation of the year, to which they attributed fortune, prosperity, wealth, health, etc. Anahit Ditzamayr himself is the patroness and representative of all these qualifications, so the day was dedicated to Mothers.

We congratulate all Armenian mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day. May the qualities of Anahit Ditzamayr live on in our mothers.

Kurm Harout Arakelyan