The situation is very bad. On the basis of national interests, specific actions must be taken, without relying on foreigners. It is necessary to show whether Armenia is strong or not. This is the important thing.

European philosophers said that the shortest way to peace is to lose the war.

It is necessary to strengthen Armenia’s military potential and create a powerful fist, which will force the neighbors to count with us. We have the strongest resource – it is our scientific potential.

I have always been convinced, and I am convinced now, that even in the most defeated situation our army is capable of containing the enemy troops.

In Armenian history, when we resisted, the foreigners recognized our domination. The same thing happened in the 1990s, as soon as we started to show our teeth, the world started to protect us. Let’s not go too far, let’s take the example of Ukraine, which is fighting a war against the Russian empire. As long as the Ukrainians did not resist, no one helped them, as soon as they started to resist, the world said that they should be supported. They helped, but the fighter is a Ukrainian, not a foreigner. If we start fighting here, the supporters will not come, right?
I am sure that there are people who will come to lead, and people will follow them, and we will record victories.