Yesterday I visited the site of Douaumont in Verdun. What a surprise to see, on the ossuary’s frame, among the coats of arms of the cities that sacrificed their sons during this horrible slaughter, those of the “Armenian cities” of Sis and Van! 

Today’s France would be well advised to remember what it has represented and what it still represents for the Armenians and what they should represent for it, especially in the conflict with Azerbaijan. Armenians have never been “impartial” between France and its enemies, they have never sent the aggressor and the aggressed back to back, they distinguish between Good and Evil. 

We can only condemn the fate of baseness and spinelessness that the country that once carried the banner of progress and humanity has given itself.


At the Centenary of the Armistice of November 11, recalling the memory of the combatants of the First World War in which Western Armenia was a belligerent by the deployment of its forces on the Eastern Front and by the sacrifice of nearly 1.5 million Armenians who suffered a genocide, it was not the President of Western Armenia who was invited by the French President but President Erdogan.

However, it is also for this reason that the flag of Western Armenia is flown at more and more patriotic ceremonies in France.

The selective memory of the French authorities in the measure of the values that we must defend collectively, is sometimes surprising. One remembers the decisions of the administrative court which cancelled the charters of friendship between French cities and cities of Artsakh. 

The coat of arms of Cilicia also recalls the flag of Cilicia which was then copied by Georgia.

The duty of memory for all