On February 1, women from Artsakh, Armenian mothers with posters and appeals “Mothers for the rights of their children” addressed the head of the EU delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Andrea Victorin, asking to deliver their letter to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, mother of seven children.

In the letter, the Artsakh mothers recalled that Artsakh has been under siege since December 12, 2022, and that the basic rights to life, health and education of 120,000 Artsakh residents, including 30,000 children, are being violated during the cold winter.

We present excerpts from Ursula von der Leyen’s response, where she thanks the women of Artsakh for the letter and conveys the following messages: “Thank you for your open letter, which I received through the European Union delegation to Armenia. The European Union is very concerned about the various developments that have been taking place around the Berdzor corridor since December of last year. We understand that the restrictions of movement along the Berdzor corridor are a serious scourge for the local population and create humanitarian concerns. Please be assured that the European Union continues to mobilize diplomatic efforts to resolve the situation and has made numerous appeals to Azerbaijan and other relevant parties to take appropriate measures within their competencies, in accordance with the provisions of the Tripartite Declaration of November 9, 2020.”

The government of Western Armenia wants to remind that since December 12, 2022 the besieged Artsakh has become the center of the world’s attention without its will, because, as we have mentioned several times on different occasions and from different platforms, a new geopolitical map of the world is being formed, which, whether they like it or not, nothing will happen without the Armenian Plateau and the Republic of Western Armenia and its provinces, including Artsakh. 

The rapidity of recent events forces us to consider ourselves and to respond to our repeated appeals. We are confident that international structures will finally be able to do what is right and just in order to make decisions that will benefit all humanity. Impunity breeds new crimes and new tragedies.