During the Genocide against the Armenians, the Ottoman government also carried out a policy of Turkification and Islamization of some Armenian women and children, which must also be seen in the context of the Genocide and considered as one of the structural elements of the Genocide, because the forcibly Islamized Armenian women and children were only saved physically, and as an ethnic group to be destroyed.

Western Armenia TV publishes two Ottoman documents and their translations into Western Armenian about the Armenian orphans gathered in a building in the Ankara area. In the first document, the Minister of Interior, Talaat, considers it inappropriate for Armenian children to remain collectively in this building and orders that they be dispersed to Islamic organizations. And the second document is the response to this instruction, issued by the deputy governor of Ankara, Atif, who reports some details about the number of Armenian women and children in these areas and reports that the Armenian children will be distributed in Islamic organizations.