On April 13, 2023, the 6th session 2023 of the National Assembly of the Republic of Western Armenia was held by Zoom, organized for the candidates for the regular elections to be held in December 2023.

The meetings are held in different languages, as the candidates for the parliament are from different countries and speak different languages. This time the language spoken was Russian, which was led by Suren Shahumyan, Deputy Minister of Defense of Western Armenia and a candidate for parliament. 

The issues discussed at the previous Zooms were briefly presented discussions, Questions and answers  were organized around them. The speeches and answers were also translated into Armenian, as there were candidates who did not speak Russian. Questions were also addressed to the President of Western Armenia, Mr. Abrahamyan, who also participated in the meeting. The discussion was intense and Mr. Abrahamyan gave comprehensive and clear legal-political answers to generalizations and uninterpreted legal formulations based on the opinions and suggestions of the participants.