Zhirayr Zortyan was a bohemian artist, one of the most prominent figures in the history of the Los Angeles art scene. He was best known for his home, the “Zortyan” ranch, and the annual celebrations he held there.

As a survivor of the Armenian genocide, he and his family escaped and eventually settled in the United States. He received a scholarship to study art at Yale University, and after graduation, he moved to the West Coast. After his divorce, he built a ranch on the small piece of land he got from his first wife, for which he later became famous.

The “Zortyan” ranch became famous for its annual “Primavera” parties, which were attended by a wide variety of bohemians. 

It was an art festival decorated with various costume shows. Many other people who were not representatives of art also participated in the festival, including Zortyan’s friends and, for example, the world-renowned physicist Richard Feynman.