The Foundation “Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute” presents to the reading public the recently published collective monograph “Turkification of Armenian Children during the Armenian Genocide” by researchers of HCTI.

The research focus of the book is the subject of forced transfer of Armenian children in the context of the Armenian Genocide, represented by legal, religious, ideological and historical disciplines. The author of the scientific foreword of the book is Dr. Narine Margaryan.

“DISPLACEMENT OF GENOCIDE VIOLENCE” In the chapter entitled “ARMENIAN CHILDREN IN THE CONTEXT OF TURKISH RACIAL NATIONALISM”, the author Regina Galustyan discusses the racial aspects of the nationalism of the Union and Progress Committee, their origins, analyzing the Young Turk programs of forced transfer and assimilation of children in this ideological context. RELIGIOUS-NATIONAL IDENTITY OF ARMENIAN CHILDREN TARGETING YOUNG TURKS (IN THE EXAMPLE OF ORPHANAGES TREATING TURKS)”, author Ph.D. Shushan Khachatryan presents the religious and ideological aspect of forced transfer of children in the context of the Armenian genocide. “EFFORTS TO RETURN THOSE WHO WERE DISPLACED BY VIOLENCE DURING THE YEARS OF THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE. 

In the chapter “THE ACTIVITY OF A NEUTRAL HOME”, co-authors Edita Gzoyan, ShushanKhachatryan and Regina Galustyan discuss the processes of returning children to their identities after the ceasefire in Moudros. In the fifth and final chapter, “ARMENIAN CHILDREN IN THE CONTEXT OF TURKISH DENIAL OF ARMENIAN GENOCIDE. THEORIES, THEORIES AND ANTI-THESESES” author Ph.D. Elina Mirzoyan presents the negative theses, theories and antitheses of Turkish authors concerning the forced transportation of children in the context of the Armenian Genocide.

The government of Western Armenia welcomes any initiative, and in particular a large-scale study, that covers the forced displacement and conversion of the indigenous Armenian people, but today it is more than vital to begin the issue of reparations. We remind you that Western Armenia TV has launched a series of articles dedicated to this topic, which you can read on our website.