According to the authorities in Baku, “Armenians living in Artsakh should either accept Azerbaijani citizenship or find another place to live. There is complete freedom here, all democratic bases are offered. Artak Beglaryan wrote in response to the statement that this issue should be resolved on the basis of human rights.

“On the basis of these democratic principles and human rights, a solution must be found, by which acts of genocide against Azerbaijani Armenians and Artsakh Armenians were perpetrated, by which no Armenian remains, in Azerbaijan, whereby all Armenians under the control of Baku authorities throughout the conflict were either brutally killed or tortured and humiliated, whereby Armenians are used as an exhibit in the “strategic park” for “education” of Azerbaijani children by which the axe operator of the sleeping Armenian becomes a national hero, by which the Azerbaijani society is fed and distracted from the internal problems with the fascist hatred against Armenians, by which Azerbaijan is considered as one of the most dictatorial countries in the world, or did you mean other human rights, Your Excellency, the best defender of human rights, a democrat and a peace-lover. ..”.

Beglaryan stressed that the native Armenian people of Artsakh had made their decision long ago, Artsakh had been annexed to Soviet Azerbaijan against their will in 1988 and 1991, chose self-determination and freedom.

The Government of Western Armenia welcomes the response of Artak Beglaryan, former State Minister of Artsakh, which echoes the position expressed by the Republic of Western Armenia for years, regarding the indigenous peoples of Artsakh and since 1991, having obtained its independence by referendum. Once again, we want to confirm that the only way to peacefully resolve the Artsakh issue is to legalize the results of the referendum held in accordance with international human rights standards.