On April 20, 2023, the 7th Zoom meeting of the election campaign of the National Assembly of Western Armenia was held in Armenian. The topic of the meeting was the conditions for the recognition of the statehood of Western Armenia.

The main speaker was Armenag Aprahamian, President of the Republic of Western Armenia, who in his speech presented the preconditions for the state recognition of Western Armenia, starting with the Hamidian massacres of 1894, which were prepared in advance by the Hamidian regiments, which perpetrated massacres against the Armenians, which continued from 1894-1923 until today. The chairman spoke about the involvement of Western countries and their response to the massacres. He also presented the work of Poghos Nubar and the conditions for the creation of the Armenian state. Assistant candidates A. Keshishyan, H. Davtyan and G. Amirzayan presented themselves with their questions.

At the end of the session, a number of deputies presented their election programs.