Western Armenia TV broadcasts the self-defense battles organized in Western Armenia, in particular the battles of the Armenian population of the city of Van and Armenian villages against the Turkish-dominated destroyers.

 At the beginning of World War I, the Turkish authorities organized a mass slaughter of the Armenian population of the province of Van. Defeated Turkish troops on the Caucasus front, Kurdish terrorist groups who joined them, and the Muslim mob brutally killed Armenians, looted their property, and destroyed Armenian buildings. 

In a number of provinces of Van province: Chatakh, the Armenian valley, Archesh, Timar, Aljavaz, etc., Armenians organized self-defense, waging persistent battles against the enemy. The longest and the most effective one was the heroic battle of Van. The city was divided into two parts: Aygestan and Kytamez. 

In April 1915, Turkish troops besieged Aygestan and cut the connection with Qayamej. The Armenians acquired means to cope. The Armenian Self-Defense Corps of Vaspurakan was established to manage self-defense in Aygestan. The resistance fighters, capturing a number of important positions and fortifications of the enemy, set fire to them and blew them up. 

With almost daily fierce battles, constant bombardment of the neighborhood, the enemy did not succeed in breaking through the Armenian defense. The youth of Van not only helped by delivering weapons and ammunition, but also fought bravely. The heroic self-defense of Van, which lasted from April 7 to May 6, 1915, is one of the glorious pages of the Armenian national liberation struggle. It gave more than 150,000 Armenians the opportunity to escape inevitable destruction, and served as an example to Armenians in other regions.You can watch the video on the YouTube page of Western Armenia TV.