“The Armenians of the Upper Euphrates, 1915 and Dersim” is the result of the research and hard work of the author Hovsep Hayreni, when the dark and bloody past is almost tempted to be revived by the imitators of Abdul Hamid II, Talaat and Enver Pasha. Most of the sources used in the book consist of memoirs written in Armenian, which are presented for the first time to Turkish readers.

Hovsep Hayreni writes about his work: “In the framework of April 24, I present to you ‘The Armenians of the Euphrates in 1915. and Dersim’ is a list of maps attached to my book. Many of you have seen the maps of 1915, interstate routes with main lines. I have tried to show the practice of genocide in the region on this map. Most of the heinous crimes were committed in narrow canyons and bridges over waterways, the cold. The most famous of these were the Kamakh Strait with 25,000 victims and the Balu Bridge with 10,000 victims.

The red lines indicate from where the caravans were positioned and taken into exile. The points marked with a red star are places where there was little resistance. The lifelines represented in green lines reflect the mountainous location of Dersim in the center of the region.

Deep respect for the memory of all victims.”