After Azerbaijan installed a checkpoint on the highway connecting Artsakh to Syunik region, the residents of Yeghtsahogh, Hin Shen, Mets Shen and Lisagor communities of Shushi region of the Republic of Artsakh remained in a complete blockade, they were cut off from Stepanakert and the opportunity to go to other regions of the Republic of Armenia.

The Minister of Artsakh, Gurgen Nersisyan, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

“Before Azerbaijan established a checkpoint and closed the road in this area, three minor children from the Mets Shen community, one of whom was three years old, left for the city of Goris and now they cannot return to their parents. The situation is the same in the community of Lisagor, several residents of the community stayed in other regions of the Republic of Armenia,” Nersisyan wrote.

Gurgen Nersisyan called on the Russian peacekeeping forces to organize the movement of emergency vehicles from the mentioned communities to different regions of the Republic of Armenia and the return of citizens.

As a reminder, the Azerbaijani side closed the Hakar river bridge on April 22. By effectively closing this road, the land connection between Syunik region (from Kornidzor) and Artsakh is also cut off in the area of Lisagor, Mets Shen, Hin Shen and Yegtsahogh villages. Later, Azerbaijan issued a statement saying that it had set up a checkpoint in this area.