The speech of Mrs. Lydia Margossian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Western Armenia

Father Goossan Aljanian

Mr. President of Western Armenia, Armenag Aprahamian

Mr. Consul General Vartan Sirmakes,

Ladies and Gentlemen Deputies of Western Armenia

Dear compatriots and friends,

We are gathered at this commemoration ceremony in Geneva in memory of the two million victims of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by three successive Turkish governments.

This remembrance is all the more topical since the program of annihilation of the Armenian nation, which began in 1894 and lasted for 30 years until 1923 in its culminating phase, has never ceased and continues in successive phases.

Thus, plans were made for the execution of the Armenian population on the indigenous territory of the Armenians.

In 2020, the war of aggression waged by the Turkish-Azeri armed forces against the Armenian population in Artsakh resulted in 5,000 dead and 10,000 disabled.

Today, we are witnessing incursions and invasions into the territory of the Republic of Eastern Armenia where the Turkish-Azeri military forces are now installed and control strategic areas of the territory.

We are also witnessing the strangulation of 120,000 Armenians of Artsakh who are surrounded and cannot use the access roads connecting them to the Republic of Eastern Armenia for their vital needs.

I want to salute here the courage of Mr. Laurent Wauquiez, President of the Rhone-Alpes region who went to the place and who courageously denounced the humanitarian situation in progress calling on France and Europe to act.

I would like to remind you that France, through the commitment of its illustrious personalities, has always been on the side of the rights of the Armenians.

But we are in front of a deep incomprehension when Mr. Emmanuel Macron decided by the circular of June 24, 2018 to cancel the charters of friendship concluded between the French cities and the cities of Artsakh. The reason given claimed that the territorial authorities could not bind themselves in any form whatsoever, to foreign local authorities established in an institutional framework not recognized by France.”

However, France recognized the Armenia of 1920 which included Artsakh.

The annulment of these charters by the administrative court is extremely serious because this circular was in fact a signal sent to Azerbaijan giving a so-called legal green light without any basis for the launch of its war of aggression.

I want to say today to the Mayors of France who opposed this circular that you were right to oppose it because national recognition and international law is on your side.

I want to salute the courage of Mr. Jean-Paul Bret who opposed to cancel the charter concluded in 2015 between the cities of Villeurbanne, of which he was the Mayor, and Chouchi, who by letter addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Le Drian said that at all times, it was nevertheless friendship that, by bringing people together, had enabled France to wage great battles for human rights and to impose on the international scene its fight for freedom; and that the injunction made to mayors – as well as to their municipal councils – and the referral to the courts broke with a tradition of subtle balances.”

After the Shushi massacres in 1920, Azerbaijan today continues its policy of ethnic cleansing of the Armenian populations of the Chahumian, Karvadjar, Kashatar and Khapan regions and plans to continue its crimes against humanity towards the Armenian populations of Synuik.

The barbarity of these criminal forces is now a reality at the gates of Europe. It is a reality because not only has there been no reparation for the Armenian genocide, but also because the criminal entities Turkey and Azerbaijan have never been brought to book.

The “remnants of the sword” is the insolent qualification used by Mr. Erdogan to designate the survivors and descendants of the survivors of the Armenian genocide, recognizing by this terminology not only and implicitly the reality of the genocide but also the genocidal intention on the survivors.

We, the survivors, are determined not only to enforce all the rights of the Armenian nation, but also to bring about the truth and justice without which no peace is possible.

I thank you for your support.

Lydia Margossian

Vice President of the National Association of Armenian Veterans and Resistance Fighters

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Western Armenia