On the air of Western Armenia TV channel, historian, president of the “Shushi” Patriotic Union Ashot Harutyunyan spoke about the motives for organizing the genocide and the consequences of not condemning it. Mr. Harutyunyan said on this occasion, “The 44-day war of Artsakh is a continuation of the genocide and will continue until our people learn the lessons of its history, and this is a question of survival, the Turks or us. If the Armenian people understand that they have to rely on themselves, they will win.” Referring to Azerbaijan’s installation of an illegal checkpoint on the road to Berdzor, the historian said: “The serious problems Armenia faced began after the 44-day war. Setting up the checkpoint is one of the acts of genocide, and this is the territory of Artsakh, and no occupying power has the right to commit illegal actions. Of course, it’s clear that the Aliyev regime seeks to bring Artsakh to its knees by subjugating it to the power of Azerbaijan. We can avoid a new genocide only by having a strong Armenian state and army, by showing a will that will unite all Armenians.