The delegation of the Republic of Western Armenia led by President Armenak Abrahamyan took part in the ceremony dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Genocide in Yerevan. The President laid flowers at the eternal flame in memory of the indigenous Armenians who suffered the genocide in Western Armenia.

The delegation of the Republic of Western Armenia also included Prime Minister Seda Melikyan, National Assembly Speaker Nelly Harutyunyan, deputies and other guests.

Before the ceremony began, the participants paid their respects to the innocent victims by standing and observing a minute of silence.

President of the Republic of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamyan began his speech with words of welcome and gratitude, “Dear Prime Minister, parliamentary candidates and guests, today we are here to remember our victims, should we only remember what happened to our nation?” Western Armenia simply does not remember what has happened since 1894. All of us, as children of Western Armenia, are here to defend our rights, representing to the world that we do not accept what has already been done and the crimes that are being committed now, including in Artsakh. You also know that the enemy continues to kill our soldiers every day. We remember that we have rights, and we officially declare these rights so that these rights can be realized.” He then drew the audience’s attention to the structure dedicated to the victims of the Genocide, noting, “The names of Western Armenia cities are written on the wall of the Genocide Memorial, but why is the name of Western Armenia not written?” What name did we give our homeland: Turkey, Anatolia, the Ottoman Empire? Our homeland has a thousand years of history, and every inch belongs to us.” He concluded his speech as follows: “We have no right to make mistakes, we pay for our mistakes with the blood of our children. Of course, remembrance is very important, but even more important is to live as an Armenian, to protect the foundations of our statehood and integrity. If the native people don’t want to die, they won’t die.”

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Western Armenia and National Assembly candidates Ashot Harutyunyan and Romel Demirchyan also spoke during the ceremony. And at the end several citizens were presented with passports of the Republic of Western Armenia.