For now, the road remains closed in the Shushi section and there is no change in the situation.

Artak Beglaryan, adviser to the Minister of State of the Republic of Artsakh, said this in an interview with the radio station “Azatutyun”, adding that it should also be taken into account that even if this section is open, it does not mean that the blockade of Artsakh has been lifted, because on the road to Berdzor near the Hakari bridge, there are Azerbaijani border guards and a checkpoint has been installed.

“This means that if the blockade really existed until April 23, but the Azerbaijani side claimed that the state had nothing to do with it, but they did it through their government agents, I can even say, eco-terrorists, now by removing them, we can say that the region is officially besieged since April 23. 

The only positive aspect of the opening of this section of the road, if of course it really happens, will be that the four villages in the Shushi region – Lisagor, Yegtsahogh, Mets shen and Hin shen – will have a direct connection to Stepanakert and the rest of Artsakh. 

More than that, any change in the mode of transportation of citizens, vehicles and goods is not realistic, especially as the blockade continues in worse conditions. At the moment, there is no tendency to remove the checkpoint,” said A. Beglaryan.