The question of Armenian children kidnapped during the genocide or somehow rescued after their parents were killed is a separate and serious subject of study. As a number of sources, including Turkish ones, testify, a large number of Armenian children were abducted by Turks and Kurds during the genocide against the Armenians. Some of the orphaned Armenian children were distributed to Muslim families on the orders and initiative of the Ottoman authorities, and were also collected in Turkish orphanages and converted to Islam. The proof of this is preserved in the Ottoman archives. By comparing the facts presented by different sources, it can be concluded that during the years of the genocide against the Armenians, the forced Islamization and assimilation of Armenian children was carried out on two levels, by the state and the general classes of society.

Armenian children who lost their parents, somehow survived the massacre, were left parentless, homeless and neglected, were Islamized by the will of the state and separated into Muslim families. 

As an example confirming the above, we can cite the 1915 document preserved in the Ottoman archives, the official order of July 10, which states that Armenian orphan children who are Islamized should be entrusted to prosperous Muslim families, especially in villages and towns where there are no Armenians. 

If the number of children is large, they should be entrusted to struggling Muslim families and paid 30 Qurus per month for each child. Data on the number and location of these children should be recorded and sent to the center. It is specified that these children are given to these families on condition that they receive a Muslim education.