Various processes take place among the forcibly converted Armenians, some of which deserve special attention. 

Among them is the phenomenon of re-acceptance or conversion to Christianity. This problem is also the focus of attention of various Turkish structures and work is being done in this direction. 

In particular, at the initiative of the Turkish authorities, in recent years, extensive research has been carried out on the citizens of Western Armenia who have renounced Islam and adopted another religion, mainly Christianity. 

The problem was also examined in the context of the activation of the missionary movement. It is presented how many houses converted into churches are functioning in Western Armenia, how many gospels have been distributed to people, etc. 

With this, an attempt was made to answer the question of “Turks converting to Christianity”, which is discussed quite actively, and finally came to the conclusion that the majority of converts are not Turks, but representatives of other ethnic groups living in Western Armenia. (Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians). : 

Population records covering more than 100 years have been carefully studied to provide a definitive answer to these questions. As a result, some interesting data for Armenians became known. For example, it was found that from 1916 to 2004, in Western Armenia, about 2,000 citizens were reported to have officially renounced Islam; a detailed study revealed that most of them, or more precisely 1,340, were original Armenians who had converted to Christianity.