Due to the closure of the Berdzor road and Hakari bridge, the residents of Mets Shen village, who were in a two-way blockade, did not cross the Azerbaijani checkpoint installed on the bridge after April 30. The head of the village, Davit Davtyan, said this in a conversation with NEWS.am.

Recall that on April 30, Azerbaijani sources released videos showing that Artsakh residents are “freely” using the Azerbaijani checkpoint on the Hakari bridge.

“Azerbaijanis behaved normally in front of the cameras, but they told people who passed through the checkpoint beyond the cameras: do not come back, that you are not seen here, people are afraid to leave. There is nobody to stop the villagers, if they want, they can go, but I told them that it is dangerous to go, they can get trapped. I think there will be no passage, because they know what Azerbaijan is capable of,” said Davit Davtyan.