As of May 2, more than 22,000 people have joined the signature collection organized in Stepanakert and the three regions of Artsakh, initiated by the youth movement “NO to ethnic cleansing of Artsakh”. These signatures are not included in the online platform, where about 11,000 people have already joined the petition.

The petition has strong public support. People come from all over and express their desire to join the petition. Here they realize that Azerbaijani crimes which are increasing day by day must be fought with all possible methods.

Artsakh, being a part of Western Armenia, gained its independence by becoming a part of the integral state of Armenia. And the aggression carried out by the Baku authorities against Artsakh is aimed at the territorial integrity of the whole Armenian state, including Western Armenia, which is now occupied by the Turkish authorities. The international public response to this issue should also clearly describe the point of view of Armenians living in Western Armenia, who now continue to be repressed by the Turkish authorities.

Of course, we appreciate the efforts of people who are trying to achieve changes in this area with petitions, but it should be taken into account that today a lawsuit against Azerbaijan is being filed by Artsakh Armenians in the European Court of Human Rights.