The structures attached to the Turkish government are also interested in the problems of the crypto and Islamized Armenians. This is demonstrated by the detailed data appearing from time to time in the press and analytical bulletins on the current locations of converted Armenians, their numbers and the processes that take place among them. Turkish historian Taner Akcham notes that the Turkish state took steps from the beginning to further distinguish between Armenians who converted to Islam during the genocide, and, for example, the relevant authorities were required to make special notes against the names of Armenians in registers and fill in passports in order to understand their conversion.

In this context, another nuance of Halachoglu’s statement deserves attention, the falsifier of history announced that he had the lists of converted Armenians, which were prepared meticulously, moreover, “Turkish authorities registered these people by going from house to house”. The question acquires a more interesting context also because Halaçoğlu avoids mentioning the specific source. 

Naturally, a question arises, if these people were registered by Turkish authorities, it should have been done through state agencies and their assigned functions. And one of the accepted options to register people is the census. It is known that the first census took place in Constantinople in 1927, after which, from 1935, it was decided to hold a census every five years. However, in Turkish sources we find data that prove that, for example, in 1935, double censuses were also conducted in occupied Western Armenia. 

Thus, the facts preserved in the archives of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey prove that on May 29, 1934, the Turkish Mejlis passed Law No. 2465, which provided for a census to be taken in 1935. 

However, it should be noted that about a month later, the same Mejlis passed Law 2576 on the census of the “secret population”, which came into effect on June 15 of the same year. Thus, two types of censuses were conducted, and the census of the “secret population” was completed in July 1935, and the “universal” took place in October of the same year.