Under the leadership of the artistic director of the traditional song-dance group “Karin”, Gagik Ginosyan, an “open course of traditional Armenian dance, commemorating the support of our compatriots fighting for the liberation of Artsakh” was held in Baghramyan street in Yerevan on May 7.

In a conversation with Aravot.am, referring to the organized cultural events, the group’s artistic director Gagik Ginosyan said, “Through culture, we try to draw people’s attention to the problem of Artsakh, depopulation, stopping ethnic cleansing.”

Gagik Ginosyan said that the events are intended to support the collection of signatures “No to ethnic cleansing of Artsakh” initiated by the Artsakh youth and added: “We proposed to organize a free dance class agreed with them. Many people do not even notice the tables where the signing is done. That’s why we proposed to dance, to draw people’s attention to the signature collection, and make the signature collection a little wider.”

Gagik Ginosyan answered the question whether the world is not aware of what is happening in Artsakh, which is also attested by the decisions of the European Court and the International Court of the United Nations. “Our task is to inform so that they don’t say later that we didn’t know about it. We came to support the call of the youth of Artsakh, if you ask me my personal opinion, we are masters of our destiny. As it can be seen, under the influence of anyone, even after the decision of the European Court, Azerbaijan did not move a meter, and this decision did not force Azerbaijan to withdraw, on the contrary, after that, it moved forward and, to put it mildly, boldly set new roadblocks, etc.