Private Agshin Babirov, one of two Azerbaijanis who infiltrated into Armenia a month ago and was found by residents of border villages, was sentenced to 11.5 years in prison.

The Supreme Judicial Council of Armenia (SCJC) reported that Babirov accepted the charge of illegal border crossing and illegal transportation of firearms and ammunition across the state border, so the trial was held in an expedited procedure without detailed investigation. Agshin Babirov’s guilty verdict has not yet entered into force. The law sets a deadline of one month for this.

“We have two people, the procedure concerning one of them has already been completed and the case has been forwarded to the court, the investigation of the second is still in progress. The second person, is charged with the murder committed with aggravating circumstances,” said Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan.

According to the criminal case, on April 12 in Kapan, Hussey Akhundov, after killing Patriarch Meliksetyan with a firearm, wanted to illegally cross the Armenian border and travel back to Iran. To this end, Akhundov stole the guard’s cell phone, tried to start the engine of the car parked in the area, but failed and fled. Later, local residents found him near Kapan and handed him over to law enforcement.