The number of fires in the Lake Van basin has begun to increase. Experts say that reeds are disappearing due to global climate change due to water depletion.

There are large-scale fires in the reeds in Van Archesh, Muradiye, Tushpa and especially Ipekyolu regions, where many birds live. Because of the fires, the existence of the animal world is threatened. Only recently, many birds and other animals died as a result of a fire in Ipekyolu province, in the reed beds of Erchek Lake, where 250 species of birds live.

According to experts, these fires are usually of human origin, but sometimes they can be caused by electrical or other technical reasons.

The government of Western Armenia, always keeping the environmental problems in the center of attention, unfortunately records the frequency of similar ecological disasters in the recent period, which can also be caused by man.

The Turkish authorities, which continue to occupy Western Armenia, constantly abuse the soil and cause great damage to nature with similar fires and create serious ecological problems destroying the genetic resources.