Founded by journalist, museologist, and writer Kenneth Hudson in 1977, the EMYA European Museum of the Year (EMYA) Award for Institutional Courage and Integrity is given to a museum, institution, or individual that courageously elevates and expands a shared understanding of the role and responsibilities of museums in society.

The jury for the award presented the Kenneth Hudson Institutional Courage 2023 to the 23.5 Hrant Dink Memorial Museum for its comprehensive and universal approach to human rights, promoting mutual understanding and compassion, shedding light on the past in order to take steps toward the future, as well as contributing to social transformation and democratization. and Honesty Award” as the recipient.

On behalf of the museum, Nayat Karakyose gave a speech of thanks and noted. “Thank you so much for respecting our work and honoring us with this significant and prestigious award. We would like to thank the entire team of the Hrant Dink Foundation, our board of directors and advisory board, as well as all partners. And most importantly, I would like to thank Hrant Dink’s family, who, despite the indescribable pain they have felt, have turned it into strength and activity.”