String dance is one of the theatrical genres of medieval Armenia, the evidence of which dates back to the 5th century, and has been preserved as a folk art in modern times.

 It is difficult to clearly distinguish whether tightrope walking is an art or a profession, but no matter what you call it, today you hardly come across any tightrope walkers. Once upon a time, tightrope walking was an integral part of all national celebrations. A tightrope walker dances accompanied by an orchestra on a rope stretched between two poles, while his servant and accomplice, the clown (yalanchi), who also collects money from the audience, imitates his movements under the string and sometimes laughs at him.

Hovhannes Gasparyan (1826-1867, Constantinople) was the founder and actor of the Aramian Theater, a prominent Armenian string dancer.

Demonstrations and competitions of rope dancers were held at various celebrations in Western Armenia.