“On April 22, 2023, photographs of the Tsitsernavank church in the Kashatagh region were posted on the Facebook page of the self-proclaimed “Aghvan-Udi” community of Azerbaijan and the president of the Azerbaijan Bible Society, Robert Mobili, with the accompanying text specifically stating: About “visiting the ancient Aghvanic church of Aghoglan and performing Aghvanic rituals”.

The purpose of the visit on those days, April 22-23, was to mark the Eid al-Fitr holiday at the end of the holy month of Ramadan in Azerbaijan, which proves the fact that the visit was directed by the state and its plan to appropriate/azerbaijanize the Armenian church.

The leaders of Western Armenia condemn the anti-cultural actions of the Azerbaijani side, which this time are directed against the faith. Let’s remind that this is not the first case of desecration of Armenian cultural monuments, after the war of 2020 they destroyed the church of Mataghis, and before that we can mention the khachkars of Jugha, the vandalism committed against the Armenian heritage, for which Western Armenia has opened a lawsuit against Azerbaijan