People exiled from Artsakh as a result of the 44-day war yesterday held a demonstration near the RA government building and then moved to the UN office. The people of Artsakh delivered a letter to the UN office.

Levon Hayryan, president of the NGO “For the love of Hadrut”, presenting the demands of the people of Artsakh, said: “You know what is happening in Artsakh: the Armenian authorities, in cooperation with Azerbaijan and the Russians, have closed the Berdzor corridor, which according to the tripartite agreement was supposed to function continuously for five years. Today, the corridor has become the property of Azerbaijan’s occupation policy. The situation is so bad that even the decision of the international court is not respected by the Azerbaijani dictator. We came to the UN office to express our complaint, to ask the UN to fulfill its responsibilities, to stop the genocide of the Armenian people not only in Artsakh, but on the territory of Armenia in general.”

In a letter, the people of Artsakh demand that the corridor blockade be lifted. “We explain in the letter that the blockade of the corridor is equivalent to genocide, it is equivalent to the massacres in Sumgait, Baku, Maragha. Then we call on the UN to protect our interests on the basis of the declaration of human rights,” said Hayryan.