On May 11 at 17:00 in the National Library of the Czech Republic, there was a lecture in Czech by the Armenian researcher, group leader Dr. Hayk Srk. Utijyan, dedicated to Grigor Narekatsi. 

The lecture ended with interesting revelations about the life and literary legacy of Narekatsi. The speaker first briefly mentioned the biography of the poet, the data that has come down to us, and then spoke about his literary works, his prayers, his manuscripts and their significance. All this was accompanied by the demonstration of video images and their detailed explanation. He pointed out that St. Grigor Narekatsi was ranked among the 38 priests of the Universal Church by the Pope.

Dr. Utijyan particularly shared the results of his research work at the Mkhitarist monastery on the island of St. Lazarus in Venice, stating that by comparing the Narekatsi manuscripts and the printed works of the monastery, he discovered that a number of lines found in the printed version do not appear in the manuscripts.

 And in some cases, he also noticed differences in transcription. Focusing on the interpretation of individual couplets, he mentioned that the music written for only 6 of the 21 couplets of Narekatsi has come down to us. “The conference entitled “Grigor Narekatsi, the Holy Poet” was held under the auspices of the Armenian Embassy in the Czech Republic.