“Azerbaijani armed forces have invaded the territory of the Republic of Armenia and obviously do not intend to leave”, said Arman Tatoyan, director of the Foundation of the Center for Law and Justice “Tatoyan”, during a meeting with journalists.

According to him, no matter how much they talk about delimitation, demarcation, international principles, the actions of Azerbaijanis who invaded Armenia testify to something completely different.

“They are fortified in the territories inside the border of the Republic of Armenia. A few months ago, there was a small building in the village of Nerkin Hand, after a few months, there are already large buildings, roads, infrastructure, the same roads, bunkers that we also recorded in the town of Jermuk. 

People are deprived of water. The springs are specifically confiscated so that people cannot even use drinking water, people cannot use their lands and pastures. Behind every centimeter there are people, families, destinies,” Tatoyan said.