Many of the world’s democratic countries are united in opposing Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, but they should not forget that other, similar injustices are unfolding in other places, for example, in the Republic of Artsakh. The human rights organization Freedom House writes about this, calling on them to act to influence international institutions, such as the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe or the United Nations Security Council, to help implement the decisions of the International Court of Justice to unblock Artsakh.

“At the same time, democratic countries should provide direct humanitarian aid to the population affected by the conflict in order to alleviate their suffering,” the organization writes, recalling that even at the moment when the President of Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia are holding talks on the settlement of relations in Brussels, the Azerbaijani forces continue to keep Artsakh under siege.

“It is in the interest of all nations to defend the basic principles of international law, to reject military aggression and to prevent atrocities against the civilian population,” the article says.

The human rights organization also notes that democratic countries have already expressed their concern about human rights violations as a result of Baku’s actions, the International Court of Justice ordered Azerbaijan to “take all necessary measures” to ensure the unhindered movement of people, cars and trucks in both directions through the Berdzor corridor, but the government of Azerbaijan, which is known for ignoring various international mechanisms, is doing it again.