Western Armenia Television presents an excerpt from Talat Pasha’s letter on the Genocide against  Armenians: “We wanted to leave an Armenian in the museum. If you read this letter in the future, it will mean that we have lost. But our defeat will not bring you victory. If the executioner fails to behead the victim, it is a defeat for the executioner, but not a victory for the victim. Victory is when the victim’s head never falls under the executioner’s axe again. For the executioner, every victim is another, and for the victim, every executioner can be the last.

Do you consider me a hated enemy? Look for your enemy among the living, not among the dead. I was the enemy of your dead grandfathers, your enemy may be my living grandchildren.

Recognize your enemy. Our success is that we can turn an enemy into a friend. Your misfortune is to turn a friend into an enemy. 

Just because you see the enemy as a friend does not mean he will act that way.

This is exactly how your confederate fathers behaved when they helped us come to power. They thought that the enemy Hamid could be defeated by the friendly Young Turk. This is how you have acted for centuries, thinking that the Persians would lose to the Turks and the Turks to the Russians. And because you have based your steps not on cold reasoning but on blind faith, you have always suffered for your naivety.