As “Armenpress” learns from the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, referring to the activities of UNESCO in emergency and war situations, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Armenia recalled the aggression unleashed by the armed forces of Azerbaijan against the sovereign territory of Armenia on September 13, 1972, the created situation, in particular the damage suffered by the educational system in the affected regions, and presented the steps taken to overcome the situation.

In his speech, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Armenia also expressed concern about the threats to the Armenian cultural heritage in the territories controlled by Azerbaijan  particularly  in Shushi and Hadrut regions. He emphasized that the numerous cases of destruction, vandalism and appropriation of the Armenian cultural heritage since 2020 are an eloquent proof of the goal of eradication of any Armenian cultural traces. In this context, Ambassador Ter-Stepanyan confirmed the wish to urgently send a UNESCO mission to Artsakh and adjacent territories.

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