On May 10 and 11, a regular meeting of the Management Board of the Council of Europe’s Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Paths was held in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

According to the press release , տhe meeting was attended by the Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage and Folk Crafts of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia Astghik Marabyan. Since 2015, Armenia has been a full member of the “Cultural Path” extended agreement.

One of the key issues on the agenda of the meeting was the document on the mapping of the “Cultural Paths” of the member countries, including the “Mapping of the Cultural Paths of Armenia”, which was unanimously approved. The document outlines the cultural potential of Armenia within the framework of the cultural channels of the Council of Europe, the perspectives of involvement and the possibilities of cooperation.

Within the framework of the discussion of the document “Mapping the Cultural Paths of Armenia”, the representative of France made a special speech, highly evaluating the trajectory of the Armenian cultural heritage in the context of the world cultural heritage, offering to consider the possibility of initiating an “Armenian Cultural Heritage Path”.

The Cultural Path program was launched by the Council of Europe in 1987. The aim of the project is to create a platform for cultural dialogue, contributing to the preservation and progress of natural and cultural heritage as the most important factor of sustainable cultural and social development.