An exhibition of the new collection of the Shushi State Museum of Fine Arts opened in the Stepanakert gallery.

As Artsakhpress informs 40 paintings were displayed at the exhibition opened on the occasion of the International Museum Day.

Director of State Museum of Fine Arts in Shushi Lusine Gasparyan in a conversation with us expressed confidence that the exhibition symbolizes the revival of the museum.

“The painful loss of Shushi instead of despair has spurred us to action and new steps.

We are determined to solve the problems we face.

It was hard to imagine starting over, but we banded together and took action.

After the war we managed to purchase 110 paintings”, said L. Gasparyan.

Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Lernik Hovhannisyan said: “It is the duty of all of us to preserve and develop our culture, cultural identity in the current cruel struggle, the struggle for our vision, holistic Artsakh, not only in military-political and economic but also in cultural-educational field”.

The Government of Western Armenia reminds – Shushi has always been the cultural center of Artsakh and has always been the focus of nomadic tribes, deprived of their own culture.

Nomadic tribes, lacking their own culture, have always appropriated and continue to appropriate the culture of the indigenous people.

This is not the first case, but it will be the last.

It is the indigenous people with their culture that gives birth to law, that creates a national ideology, that gives eternity.

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