Akna, Karvachar, Kashatagh districts of Artsakh fell into the hands of Baku authorities. There are 500-700 valuable monuments in these regions. These will be in the hands of the people who have destroyed all traces of the Armenian cultural presence in Nakhichevan. The “Convention for the Protection of Cultural Values in the Event of Armed Conflict” provides for the international protection of cultural values.

About 5,000 monuments are listed on the territory of Artsakh. Most of them have photos. This activity was organized both by the Artsakh Ministry of Culture and by the “Armenian Architecture Research Foundation” headed by the intellectual Samvel Karapetyan. Now the question is: How will these monuments actually be preserved? Currently, there is no mechanism to ensure the security of the monuments, because the signed statement does not mention them or any legal action attached to it, and there is no contract to indicate the mechanisms, obligations and rights to protect the monuments.

The contract and it is a very uncertain situation: how will people be evicted in the end, who will compensate these people, how will the cultural values that are immovable property stay there and what will be their fate? Especially when we have the Nakhichevan example. The only thing that can hypothetically stop the enemy, rather than cultural barbarism, is the international conventions they join. There is currently no guarantee of the protection of our cultural heritage.

Only the case of Western Armenia against Azerbaijan in the European Court of Human Rights also takes into account the protection of the Armenian heritage.

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