We continue to present facts of vandalism against our cultural heritage.

Recently, the  THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, SCIENCE, CULTURE AND SPORTS OF THE REPUBLIC OF Artsakh issued a statement according to which the historical and cultural monuments, which are witnesses of our centuries-old history, were raided and pressurized by the enemy.

Unfortunately, the 44-day war also dealt a big blow to the historical-cultural heritage of Artsakh.

Until 2020 there were about 4118 certified monuments in Artsakh, today about 2000 of them remained in Azerbaijani occupied territories (including about 169 churches, monastery complexes and chapels).

Our historical and cultural reserves are under the control of the enemy.

After the war, the enemy does not miss a chance to destroy and distort our historical and cultural heritage, which is the proof of our identity.

Today we are facing the loss of our historical landscape, which is also a serious challenge.

The government of Western Armenia will continue to fight in the international arena by presenting the facts of vandalism committed by the enemy against our cultural heritage.

Above all, however, our historical and cultural monuments need the protection and care of each and every one of us.

We simply must pass on our centuries-old historical and cultural heritage as a testament to our history and identity to the next generations.

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