Monuments expert Samvel Karapetyan’s goal is to present the cartography of “Nakhijevan” – the destroyed Armenian monuments of the Nakhijevan region of Western Armenia.

The cartographer presents a number of ancient maps of the region made by European cartographers in the 15-20th centuries.

Preference is given to the works of foreign authors in order to emphasize the importance of the fact.

The second section of the book is a working one.

“The second section begins with a physical map of the region.

The main emphasis is put on the census data of January 1, 1914 where the color indicates the place and the number of the population of a given nation.

The red color refers to the Armenian-populated villages, green – to Caucasian Tatars, (until 1935, “Caucasian Tatars, then – Azerbaijanis”), Karapetyan stressed that the red spots are long gone, the last Armenian-populated villages were emptied in 1988-1989.

As the author notes – “two types of monuments are represented in the cartography, despite the diversity of Armenian monuments.

These are Christian religious monuments, monasteries and churches, the number of which reaches 219, today not a single Christian religious monument remains in the region.

Although Azerbaijanis constantly claim that Nakhijevan is the cradle of Azerbaijani culture, images of Armenian monasteries and churches prove the opposite.

The book also presents the educational institutions of Nakhijevan, the monastic and parochial schools.

The government of Western Armenia is following the fate of Nakhijevan, which is an integral part of Western Armenia.

The President of Western Armenia, Armenak Abrahamyan and the expert on monuments, Samvel Karapetyan, appealed to the European Court of International Law regarding the vandalism of the Baku authorities against the khachkars, the material and cultural values that certify the identity of the indigenous people. The Armenian people are able to re-create material and spiritual values since they are the bearers and users of those values.

The falsifiers cannot appropriate the value system of indigenous people, it is alien and incomprehensible for them.

Indigenous people are in contact with the spiritual and material world, this is their strength and right.