Artsakh wasn’t and won’t be a part of Azerbaijan because it’s the will of our people, President of Artsakh Republic Araik Harutyunyan called on Artsakh people not to despair.

“Welcoming the statement of Artsakh National Assembly voiced by RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan I underline that any statement or document which ignores the sovereignty of the Artsakh Republic, the right of our people to self-determination and the fact of its realization is unacceptable for us”,

According to Harutyunyan, the deported Armenians must demand practical steps from Armenia to guarantee Artsakh’s right to self-determination and security.

I appeal to the Armenian authorities to refrain from any actions and statements on recognition of Artsakh as a part of Azerbaijan, adhering to the obligations undertaken by domestic and international documents.

I appeal to the Russian authorities and Russian President Vladimir Putin to ensure the fulfillment of the obligations, undertaken by the trilateral statement of the heads of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia on November 9, 2020, I call on the people and authorities of Azerbaijan to end the policy of hatred and genocide towards the native people of Artsakh, to be ready to sincerely accept the principle of equality of peoples, the title and rights of the native Armenian people in relation to Artsakh.

The Government of Western Armenia once again reminds – the indigenous people of Artsakh accepted their right to self-determination in 1991 in accordance with all international norms, after which the territory of Artsakh became independent from the USSR.

The government and people of Artsakh should demand guarantees for self-determination and security of Artsakh people themselves, defending their rights, up to and including the right of self-defense.

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