In contrast to the decades-long policy of cultural vandalism and destruction by the Azerbaijani authorities, Armenia and Artsakh are committed to the progress of peace and solidarity through the preservation of culture and cultural heritage on their territories, regardless of their ethnic and religious background.

The “Gyovhar Aghai” mosque (Verin Juma), which was significantly damaged during the Artsakh war and was in a dilapidated state, was restored.

In 2019, with funds from the “IdeA” fund. In cooperation with the authorities of Artsakh, the restoration of the “Gyovhar Aghai” mosque (Verin Juma) in Shushi was carried out.

During the existence of Artsakh, the church of St. Amenaprkich Ghazanchetsots in Shushi, has been restored and improved (after the deportation of Armenians from Shushi in 1988, the Azerbaijanis destroyed the statues of angels on the bell tower and turned the church into an armory, during the Artsakh war, there was a warehouse for missile system “Grad” Azers),

Gandzasar monastery complex (walls show traces of bombardment), Vankasar church of Martakert district, Amaras monastery complex (was shelled more than once), Tsitsernavank church of the 4th century in Kashatagh region, and Dadivank monastery complex (used as a stable).

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