The “Artsakhpress” agency summarized  the results of ten days of political consultations with Samvel Babayan.

According to Babayan “during the first meeting the issue of the establishment of State Defense Committee was discussed.

In principle I have always been against such a structure because it would destroy twenty-five years of legal and political achievements of Artsakh.

However, since the ruling authorities have already agreed to the demand of the entire political field of Artsakh to have such a management system, I have also decided to go along with it.

The reason for that decision is exclusively to find joint solutions for overcoming the challenges that Artsakh faces.

During the second meeting, Araik Harutyunyan discussed the possibility of holding a confidence referendum and asked for my opinion.

Assessing its internal and external risks and repercussions, and at the same time, recognizing the need for my support on that issue, I decided once again to go along with it,

to resolve the stalemate that had arisen.

This version was also canceled, I do not know whether because of internal or external disagreements.

The third meeting, which should logically have discussed the last option, the resignation of the President, has not taken place.

Our position is unchanged. I go on having meetings and discussions with all strata of society, presenting the situation which has arisen, and my views on the way out of it.

The people must believe and accept the service we offer. Without broad popular support, taking on the burden of responsibility is not only impossible, but pointless.

I must feel the breath and energy of the people behind me every second.”

The Government of Western Armenia welcomes any expression of will of the people of Artsakh to defend their decisions.

From 1991 until today, Artsakh, in spite of great losses, managed to keep the state structures formed in accordance with international norms through free and fair elections.

Today Artsakh, by the law adopted by the National Assembly of Western Armenia, is considered to be a province of the RSA, with the right to have independent governing bodies, facing the loss of its independence.

If the people decide to have any formalized structure, capable of making the right political decisions, to appeal to the President and the Government of Western Armenia, to join and become one of the leaders of this structure, we will gladly accept and go to the meeting, taking on the responsibilities entrusted to us.

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