Washington supports the continuation of Armenian-Azerbaijani talks, said U.S. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller, commenting on a meeting yesterday in Moscow between the leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia.

“We were not involved in the talks, but they remain a priority for us. As you know, the Secretary of State hosted both sides here in Washington a few weeks ago.

We know the talks continued in Brussels after that, and we support their continuation,” Miller said, stressing, “That remains a priority for us.

He reiterated Washington’s position that an agreement is achievable and both sides must work together to reach agreement on outstanding issues.

The Government of Western Armenia welcomes the efforts of the U.S. and Russia on the peaceful settlement of the Artsakh issue.

We believe that the two superpowers understand that the issue will not reach a final solution until the rights of the people and the integrity of the territory of Artsakh, which was established in 1991 by the free expression of the will of the indigenous people of Artsakh, are restored.

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