According to UNESCO, in 1974, of the 913 Armenian historical-architectural monuments preserved in Western Armenia after 1923, 464 have completely disappeared, 252 are in ruins and 197 are in need of complete repair.

Armenian architectural structures have been consistently blown up, used as targets during Turkish army exercises, and the stones have been used as building material.

In some rural areas they serve as barns, warehouses, and prisons.

In many cases, Armenian churches have been turned into mosques.

In 1987, in the 6th paragraph of the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on June 18, it was noted that the Turkish government must pay attention to the language, culture, and educational system of Armenians living in Western Armenia, while also showing a proper attitude towards the Armenian monuments located in the territory of occupied Western Armenia.

The consistent destruction or misappropriation of the Armenian cultural heritage is a continuation of the Turkish policy of genocide against Armenians.

Medieval Armenian monuments destroyed during the Genocide against the Armenians and in the following years are also presented