Artsakh hero Menua Hovhannisyan was born on December 22, 1985.Menua was very fond of astronomy and geography at school in Armenia, as well as subjects related to history.

After graduating from high school, he planned to enter the department of television directing, but after changing his mind, he moved to Russia to study.

He planned to get a law degree, but two years later he returned to his home country and took the position of coordinator-director of the TV project “Ay Aspet”.

In parallel with his work, Menua Hovhannisyan graduated from the Department of Public Administration of the Faculty of International Relations of Yerevan State University by correspondence.

In April 2016 he enlisted as a volunteer and went to defend his homeland in Artsakh, to participate in the four-day war unleashed by the authorities of Baku.

After serving in Artsakh for about a month, he returned to Yerevan with a firm decision to become a scout.

Following the dream, on December 16, 2013, Menua marries Tamara Kostandyan.

Children are born,  Sardur and Arina.

On September 28, 2020, as part of Keri’s detachment, he goes to Artsakh as a commander of the 3rd platoon.

His wife, Tamara Kostandyan asks her husband before departure, “Is it possible that you will not go?

To which Menua answers:  “It’s impossible, we must go”.

On October 2nd together with the men of the platoon, Menua carried out a safe retreat of the Mataghis military unit during which, with his direct participation, over 80 conscripts were withdrawn from the forests.

On October 3, after one-hour discussions with Artsakh’s president, he undertook the responsibility for the attack…on the Areghasar mountain.

On October 5, after encountering about 180 men in the enemy’s rear, they killed about 150 men.

33 years old Menua  was killed during the battle.

Selflessly dedicated to his homeland, Menua died for the love of his country, with the knowledge that there was no right to retreat.