How to recognize the Armenian Khachkar, why do Armenians love the pomegranate and who can read the khazer? A number of symbols symbolizing Armenians which we will try to reveal in a new column on Western Armenia tv.

The first symbols of the “Armenians and Armenianness” series that we will talk about are the “Wheel of Eternity” and the “Six-Pointed Star,” which are the most ancient, significant symbols of the national identity of the Armenian people.

“Arevakhach” (Sunny Cross ) is one of the most popular symbols of Armenia and its historical territories.

The sign of eternity is often found in the center of the Armenian “six-pointed star (Vecatev Astgh)”.

Many people identify the famous Armenian “six-pointed star” with the Jewish “Star of David” because it is considered a symbol of Jewish identity and religion.

However, the “six-pointed star” has a much longer history.

Since ancient times, the Armenian people have used it throughout their history in ancient Armenian engravings.

The walls, domes, khachkars of medieval churches and chapels are decorated with six-pointed star ornaments.