The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia draws the attention of the international community to the latest bellicose statements voiced by the Baku authorities on May 28.

“Contrary to the UN Charter, the written commitment made in the Trilateral Statement of October 31, 2022 in Sochi to refrain from the threat or use of force, similar verbal commitments repeatedly made in other fora, as well as negotiations on the normalization of bilateral relations, the Baku authorities again threaten the Republic of Armenia with the use of force and the people of Artsakh with ethnic cleansing.

This is evidenced by the fact that, by controlling the road of Berdzor, the Baku authorities have broken the connection between Artsakh and Armenia.

Moreover, in the same context, it openly threatens to carry out ethnic cleansing unless Artsakh Armenians “learn lessons” from blocking the Berdzor corridor.

Unfortunately, as is evident from the aggressive rhetoric and actions of the leadership of Azerbaijan, this state sees the solution of problems not through the recognition of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia, stipulated in the Alma-Ata Declaration, and the resolution of the rights and security of the population of Artsakh, but through the threat and use of military force.

In order to avoid such a development, all the partners interested in peace and stability in the South Caucasus should give  indisputable assessments