More than a hundred years after the 1915 genocide with impunity, the military aggression of Pan-Turkism should not end with a new victory of force over law.

Taking advantage of the fact that the international community’s attention is focused on the war in Ukraine, Aliyev’s dictatorial regime is increasing pressure to acquire Artsakh, one of the last remaining pieces of Armenian territory that still exists, in order to carry out a program of annihilation of the Armenian people.

The French Armenians who survived 1915 rebel against the passive complicity of international diplomacy in the new crime being committed before their eyes.

Calling on the Elysee Palace, Matignon and the Quai d’Orsay to oppose the occupation of Artsakh, any violation of its right to self-determination, control of the Aliyev dictatorial regime, attacks on the Armenian population.

Artsakh is in danger.

Armenia is in danger.

Let’s stay here!

Let’s come together!

Coordination Council of Armenian Organizations of France