With the blessing and support of Archbishop Yezras Nersisyan, head of the Russian and New Nakhichevan Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, a new book “The Armenian community in pictures and faces” by Armen Meruzhanyan, editor of the St. Petersburg newspaper “Havatamk” was published.

This popular science book is dedicated to the history of the Armenian community of St. Petersburg.

The book reflects the most interesting facts and events, starting from the time when the community was formed during the times of Peter the Great and up to the withdrawal from the historical arena of the aristocratic Armenian clans, which played a significant role in the life of the country.

Many names and events are highlighted in the book for the first time. Meruzhanyan masterfully portrays the lives of prominent representatives of various spheres, including portraits of such figures as Lazaryans, Loris-Melikov, Madatov, Ayvazovsky, Surenyants, Yekmalyants, Romanos Melikyan.

The author convincingly shows that Russian Armenians were not sideline observers of the events.

Having integrated into the Russian environment, they cherished their dream of a historical homeland.

We should add that on the cover of Armen Meruzhanyan’s book there is a p of the door grating of St. Catherine Armenian Church, created by Alexander Tamanyan’s sketches, and on the last page we see an ancient key, which used to unlock the door of Surb Harutyun Armenian Church.

The government of Western Armenia welcomes any publication describing the lives and activities of the natives of Western Armenia, scattered all over the world, who escaped the Turkish yataghan.

Armen Meruzhanyan’s book confirms the strength and ability of indigenous peoples.

Armenians, wherever they find themselves, taking care of the welfare of their families, are initially engaged in the restoration and strengthening of the homeland. The heroes of the book,  are an example of that.

An example of this is Loris-Melikov, as Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire, in fact, a dictator with the duties of a Prime Minister… Loris-Melikov managed to realize part of his dreams by liberating a number of provinces of Western Armenia.

It is this dream that makes the deported Armenians at the first opportunity to enroll in the service structures, which makes it possible to serve the motherland in parallel.

We are grateful once again to Armen Meruzhanyan and other figures who pass the patriotic way of life of the great Armenians to the generations through their patriotism. their patriotism and pass on the way of life of the great Armenians to the generations